About Zirlotts

This is Us^

Thanks so much for visiting our online store. The names Zirlott and Johnson have been synonymous with Seafood for over 100years. Ancestors from both families worked in catching, processing, and selling seafood, as well as eating seafood.  With all of that experience behind us, we feel comfortable in offering you, the customers, our fresh shrimp, wild caught, and handled with care.

 "We buy, sell, catch, and Eat Seafood."

 Our store here in Fowl River was started in 1987 and is still small.  Family owned and operated, we offer fresh and frozen shrimp, crabmeat that is almost shell-free, and oysters, both farmed and wild caught, as well as some gourmet seafood entrees' that are hand prepared by us.
All of our seafood is caught and provided by family members or well known fishermen friends.  Each product is handled with care and processed in ways that make it presentable and delicious for you, the customer.  And affordable, too.